Submission Policy

Objection, Your Honour! invites opinions on any issue – social, economic, political, and all matters legal having both municipal and international ramifications. What we are aiming at is a body of knowledge of various disciplines.
1.      Submissions are open to all students, scholars, professionals and all others who have a critical eye on the legal developments, wherever situated. All written material should be in English. Submission can be in form of articles, opinion pieces and case/legislative comments. The lengths of contributions under each category are given below, however well-written  contributions which exceed these limits may be considered:
§  Articles: 500 words;
§  Opinion pieces/Book Review: 600 words;
§  Case comments and Legislative briefs: 700 words.(maximum limit)
2.      All submissions are preferred in Garamond/Times New Roman font, single-spaced and justified. Main text should be in font size 12 and references in font size 10. All submissions must be word processed, and compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007.
3.      All submissions are subject to revision by our team which will be made in cooperation with the author. Our intention is only to further refine, clarify and present the ideas advanced by the author in best possible way and not to replace them. In this process we would contact the author whether suggested changes should be made or not and the author’s opinion will be given due respect.
4.      Of course, plagiarism is completely unwelcome. Please do not submit material copied from the internet. Please submit work that has not previously been published or exhibited in a publication. In case the submission requires quoting of any published work, the author should respect intellectual rights by accrediting the source from where it has been taken.
5.      Lastly, what we are encouraging is an analytical bent of mind, not a report of sorts. Send in only your viewpoints/opinions about things. We need your perspective, not someone else’s. 
The OYH strongly recommends electronic submissions. Please submit your entries to All submissions should contain the name of the author, professional information (including branch, semester, and college name), the title of the post, and contact information. For more details, please feel free to contact us at above mail address.
We appreciate your interest in the Objection Your Honour, and look forward to receiving your submissions.

Objection Your Honour Team