Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The global enigma of politics has shifted. We have a black American president; few years back the populous would have considered this consanguine a flagrant fallacy. What I am suggesting in this short post would seem impalpable like few decades back a black American president would, therefore it is a humble request to the objectionaries of our blog to read this post with an open blend of mind.

On a fateful day the constituent assembly of India was established with the objective of drafting a constitution for India. The minutes of the assembly have been efficiently structured and preserved in twelve volumes. It was not until very recently that I realized, after perusing through the volumes, that none of the members of this assembly were below the age group of fifty. I wonder this document is nothing more than bric-a-brac for the youths in India. I will not draw more fresh blood from the old wounds but surely I will not refrain myself from pondering about the future. In our present constitutional scheme we have a minimum age criterion set for our parliamentarians. For the upper house the said criteria is fixed at 35 years of age and for the lower house it has been fixed at 25 years of age. With keen interest I went through the profile of the all present parliamentarians and to my annoyance only a few of them were below 30 years of age. This figure is very less especially for a country which has more than half of its population less than the same age group. If our country intends to feature among the other advanced nation of international community then the “I” in INDIA i.e. the youth has to take to politics. The recent “women empowerment” would have reverberated much better waves of sound if it was pronounced as “women youth empowerment”. We should introduce reservation on the basis of age and not on caste. The latter being barred by few constitutional provisions and the former has no such limitation attached to it. The schematic of Indian politics needs a renovation and this can achieved by attaching the chandeliers of youth in the Indian parliament. If reservation can be the means to uplift the backward class, it can also pave way for Youth-nesia in Indian polity.

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